Tortilla-Egg Roll-Ups

Friends, hello!!

Yes, I’m still alive. I went underground there for a while, because, you see, I’m writing a new cookbook for y’all, and it is intense work.

As much as I would like to believe that there is no limit to the creativity in this world (and I do believe that), I only have so much energy to go around. So while I’m pouring the vast majority of my creative energy these days in developing new recipes for the cookbook, my other channels, like this blog, Instagram and TikTok, are somewhat suffering. But there will be loads to talk about in a few months when the book is published!

Okay, so. In the mean time. I’m writing a cookbook. There’s a pandemic and everyone is staying indoors and baking bread. It’s legit not the worst time to be writing a cookbook, though sourcing ingredients has been a challenge times.

Literally the only thing I spend my money on these days is food. Other than one thing I ordered for myself for Mother’s Day, I haven’t bought any clothes. We have ordered a couple of electronic things from Amazon, but other than that, all my spending is for groceries and a once-weekly takeout meal.

Easy Tortilla Egg Roll Ups

I was, quite honestly, starting to get a bit tired of the things we were eating, because we’re in a bit of a rut: pasta, pizza, burgers, stir fry. Repeat.

Like many of you right now, I’m watching a lot of Netflix. I started watching a new cooking show called Nadiya’s Time to Eat. It’s from the UK and it’s all about quick and easy cooking. In the first episode, Nadiya made these Tortilla-Egg Roll-Ups and I knew I had to try them.

They are, I have to say, kind of amazing.

First of all, they are a basic, pantry-staple kind of recipe. Eggs, tortillas and cheese are three things I pretty much always have on hand. Second, they are a quick meal, but the payoff for a quick breakfast/brunch/lunch is pretty high. They are filling and texturally satisfying. Thirdly, they are easily customizable. So really, whatever your favourite ingredients are, throw them in there, and bam! Easy meal.

You could also whip up a whole bunch of these and leave them in the fridge. I did that this week, and they make great breakfasts, or a quick lunch for the boy, just zap the Tortilla-Egg Roll-Ups in the microwave.

The only thing you really need to learn here, is the technique of how to make them. The rest of the ingredients are up to you.

I also had on hand some veggie soyriso (the last of my Trader Joe’s–sad faces), and some fresh herbs. I have since gotten some red peppers, I think that would be nice, and I have some olives in the fridge as well.

To make Tortilla-Egg Roll-Ups, beat up an egg in a bowl, and prep all your ingredients (ie chop them) in advance. “Butter” one side of a large tortilla with pesto. You need a large, non-stick pan, I used my crepe pan. Put a little oil in the pan, then pour your egg onto it and swirl it around like crepe, so it spreads all over in a thin layer. Now place your tortilla, pesto side down, on top of the egg layer and carefully press it down into the eggs with your hand.

Give it another few seconds to cook, but it is ready very quickly. Now flip the whole thing over so the tortilla is on the pan and the egg is on top. Here’s when you “fill” it. Sprinkle your toppings all over the egg, including some cheese. By now, the tortilla with be toasted and crispy. Slide it off the pan and onto a board, and then roll it up. Cut in half and serve your Tortilla-Egg Roll-Ups with a little salad for a complete and easy meal.


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